Tuesday, 22 June 2010

away again!

Sooo busy!
Doing some fab work which I'm really enjoying....but gotta break off now 'cos tomorrow I'm taking my sis to the Titanic Spa for the night. Yay!! We are so giddy, it's my present to her for the special birthday she had a couple of weeks ago. (Excellent idea, a pressie I can share!) 
Back soon x


  1. This is so cute:) On which page did you made it:O

  2. Have a fab time with your sis! And thanks for coming by to visit my blog...love your work

  3. @ Jimena ... Do u mean what program? I use illustrator if so x
    @ blueberry park .... Titanic was fab!!! It's only in Huddersfield, u need to get yourself there ! X