Tuesday, 13 July 2010

royal wedding

The wedding was just fab fab fab!
The weather was gorgeous (30 degrees in England! wow!) and the bride (Auntie Louise) looked beautiful.
We arrived on an old fashioned "wedding" bus (Alf's fave bit), the reception was held in a massive marquee in beautiful surroundings, we had about a million meals, a sweetie table, dancing, fireworks and an ice cream van which arrived at night to hand out free ice cream. Even the napkins on the table were embroidered with our names!
It was the first wedding my little people have attended...I have told them it's all downhill from here, they're never gonna beat that!
Back to reality now, and lots of work to catch up on...


  1. Sounds like you did have an excellent time and what a cute bride!! and you got ice cream at night? Nice!!

    Ps. I hadn't seen this when I wrote the other comment, in case it doesn't make sense...

  2. Oh it was soooo fab! And the kids played outside till midnight and Alf took a photo of the sky cos its never dark when he goes to bed!
    :-) xx

  3. glad you had fun! love the colors in this cute lil' illo!