Monday, 4 April 2011

since my last post....

....I have in no particular order: worked....A LOT...been to a fake Christening with the little man's class...spent a happy half hour in a photo booth (yes it actually went really well this year!)...made something exciting for the KLTworks blog thing...had a fab day trip to Harewood House with my sis and our 3 boys (where we laughed so much we actually ran out of laughs)...been on a drunken night out with the mums from the big girl's class...done the annual Mothers Day shopping trip to Leeds with my Mum and my sis (where I bought loads of new clothes woohoo)...worked...A LOT MORE...and slept...just a bit...


  1. ooh new clothes always a winner!! X

  2. Put the kettle and put your feet up for 5, stick Loose Women on and indulge (nobody will know) xx