Thursday, 7 July 2011

i'd love to?!

As if I didn't have enough work to do I'm now doing freebies left, right and bloody centre!
At the moment I have the following urgent items on my list:

  • fundraising ball ticket
  • poster to advertise above fundraising ball
  • friend's new company logo
  • charity ticket
  • poster to advertise above charity event

AND as if that wasn't enough, Mrs Kent from the office at school has passed on the good word to her friend Audrey at church and now I've got a fancy dress flyer and poster to do for them!!
When people ask me I always smile and politely say, "ooh yes, that'll be fine, no I don't mind at all"
And when I say it I do actually mean it.
The problem comes when I have to find the time to actually do the damned things!

Ok, I can hear you...I know I should be getting on with it instead of getting all moany on here and faffing about with unrelated pics of talking dogs...I'm going, ok!


  1. That all sounds very familiar, been trying to keep a low profile this year but the school fair beckons on saturday and it is already pouring with rain, somehow was signed up to organise the BBQ OH JOY!!

    Good luck with all your favours!

  2. Yes! I have just said that to my friend! Just because I am a designer everyone thinks I can do their advertising for them, for free - makes me so mad. I have started saying to people to come around for the afternoon and we'll do it together, then they always seem to be busy! I would never dream of asking my dentist friend for a free filling or accountancy from my other friend... sorry, went off on a little rant then, but honestly!

  3. ha ha glad it's not just me :-)