Thursday, 5 December 2013

christmas tree

The little one came home and said he's the only kid in the whole school who hasn't got his Christmas tree up yet. He's lying of course. Who puts their tree up so flipping early?
Well actually, everyone it would seem. Drive round on a night and the streets are full of flashing lights and enormous trees in windows. What's going on? Trees used to go up the week before Christmas. Not at the start of bloody December (or the end of November like some folks round here! Seriously. A crime against good taste.)
I'm holding out. But I'm not sure how long I can stand the nagging. And moaning. And sad faces... 


  1. Does yours come with woodland animals hopping about beneath it... I find it such a pain when I'm trying to hoover! ;-)

  2. Ours is up - sorry ;-) Our 4 year old is so excited and because we'll be away over Christmas we let him put it up and decorate it yesterday. First time ever we have it up so early though. Good luck resisting the nagging :-) x

  3. You can tell him ours isn't up yet!! If you put it up now it will either be dead by Christmas or the furry friends will of pulled it down we always put ours up the weekend after next! No space in our house for it really! Good luck with waiting loads up around us here it definitely is getting earlier! X

  4. Christmas has sneaked up on me this year....I suddenly noticed loads of trees up in peoples windows and started to panic !! Then I realised...its only the 6th Dec !!! Loving the hedgehog Dawn x I may need to find one for under MY tree ( when I eventually put it up )