Thursday, 16 January 2014

proper shopper

Everyone goes on about ebay. People love it! 
While I'm giving my unwanted stuff away to people who actually need it there are all these people saying, "Ooooh you should put it on ebay!" and "Ooooh I sell loads on ebay. It pays for my hair doing/holiday/mortgage/50ft yacht". I'm always coming across people who've made a £zillion selling their crap on it. 
Well I'm just not feeling the love. This is my total experience of the "fabulous" ebay in the last 3 years...
1. Bought some sewing thread. It was listed as "neon pink" I was very excited because I couldn't get neon thread anywhere. It arrived. It was pink. It was not neon. Not by any stretch of the imagination.
2. Bought some expensive hair stuff that wasn't as expensive as it was at the hairdressers. Purchase successful.
3. Ordered some expensive mascara that was half the price that Harvey Nics sell it for. Got so excited that I ordered one for my sister too. Mascara never arrived. I got a refund. I was very disappointed. So was my sister.
4. I sold the big one's iPod. She was saving up for a new phone, got money for Christmas and saved every penny of her spending money for weeks. She just needed the money from her iPod sale and the new phone would be hers. We watched as the price went up. I got a few stupid questions like "Does it have a 12 month warranty?" (Er no love, if you wanted a warranty you should've gone to flipping Currys!) but otherwise the sale ran smoothly.
It sold for a decent amount and she was happy happy happy. 
...Till the bloke who bought it messaged me to say "I do not want the iPod." I  asked him why the hell he had bid for it then. He replied, "It was a mistake." A mistake? Eh? How can you bid for an iPod by mistake? Moron!
I have decided that ebay is just not for me. I don't know how people can be arsed. I'll be sticking to proper shops from now on...I'm a proper shopper.


  1. I'm one of those ebay lovers sorry!! Anyway, I LOVE that man in your drawing way more than ebay. He is fab! :)

  2. Aw Amy it's doing my head in! You can have it ha ha! Glad you like my shopkeeper dude though, thanks :-) xx

  3. Who is that man outside the shop... he looks it a gelato shop?

    1. He is Italian Lizzie but he works in a shop in West Yorkshire. Selling unwanted tat. His brother, Pedro, still lives in Rome though and actually does sell gelato! Easy mistake to make ;-) xxx