Friday, 7 March 2014

life is ever so slightly a little bit hectic

Had a mad mad mad busy week.... we took the mother-in-law on a birthday trip to the seaside on Sunday then I worked non-stop all week. I even did 2 days in-house for a company which was a bit of a shock to the system! 40 minutes drive each way and having to put clothes on that people were actually gonna see was a complete change for me. I haven't worked anywhere other than my house for 11 years! But I really enjoyed it and I'm going back for more next week...should be able to drag out a couple more outfits before people realise I just wear the same clothes everyday with a nice coat on top!
Going out with the sis and various kids and dogs tomorrow for some much needed fresh's meant to be sunny and warm! Yay! Spring is on the way people...unless you live under the equator...then I'm afraid you just have winter to look forward to...

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  1. Haha love it Dawn - I couldn't go back to being a designer in house cos I've got nothing to wear. My outfits consist of jeans and jumpers and wellies!! AND I'd have to put make up on and do me hair!! Pleased you enjoyed it though and great news about the magazine for you Dotty Wrens XX