Wednesday, 9 April 2014

just chillin'

I went away for the weekend.
To a Spa.
With the girls.
It was our annual weekend away.
It was lovely. was lovely apart from waking up both mornings in a state of uncontrollable panic that here I was lazing round with Grazia magazine in a fluffy robe when clearly I should have been spending my time furiously coming up with some super-ace designs to take to New York in FIVE WEEKS TIME cos during the week my days are completely chocca with proper mortgage-paying-work and there's just no time to be creating extra super-ace designs then.

But hey. Everyone needs to indulge in a little "thermal journey" every so often don't they? Chill! It'll be fine!


  1. Now that the chill time is over - Get back to work. You are right everyone needs som chill time especially with good friends. Glad you enjoyed.

  2. sounds like fun, hope the super, fantastic designs are coming along. x

  3. Chillin' helps with the whole 'coming up with fab ideas for a show that's only 5 weeks away' thing....just chill lady. It will be fine xx

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