Saturday, 31 May 2014

ey up!

Yay!! My lovely blog friend Jo Burrows - Bykerlass - has finally got round to producing a range of Yorkshire stuff! After waiting patiently while she brought out ranges in places like Newcastle, Cumbria, Manchester and Liverpool ... and nagging her to death to do good old Yorkshire, she has finally seen sense and the range is out now!
And it's FAB!

She's had loads of people jumping on the bandwagon and copying her idea...but her designs are loads better than the crappy copies.
Hot foot it over to her website and make a purchase...and if she doesn't cover your area can I suggest some subtle nagging? Worked a treat for me!


  1. Ah thanks Dawn!! The nagging paid off after about 3 years! Thanks for all your help with the dialect - PLEASE NOTE ANY INACCURACIES IN YORKSHIRE SPEAK please let Dawn know (haha!)

    1. There's nowt wrong wi mi Yorkshire speak missus! x

  2. Love all the cards she puts out and you're right... the copycats are rubbish. Well done Jo...xx

  3. Ah thanks Jane so kind of you to say! We designer folk need to stick together xx