Monday, 7 July 2014


Well that was a FULL weekend.
Went to Flamingo Land on Saturday with my sister, our friend Sammy and all the kids. We did all the big rides, had a quality picnic and got jumped on by a lemur. Who knew lemurs were so friendly?
We didn't do that stupid ride where you get soaking wet when the "audience" fires water at you from all angles with a water canon. We're not daft. My sis went on it last year and nearly cried. We said NO this time. That ride is just for idiots and people who don't realise.
Then yesterday the other half, me and the kids went to Hebden Bridge on a bus and a train and watched the Tour de France. Not content to be in the middle of 10 million other people the other half made us walk about 2 miles up the steepest hill in the world to a less busy street where we had an ace view. We mingled with the locals and our new mates kindly gave us the cushions from their sofa to sit on and let the little one use their loo and watch the race on their telly before it got to us. The bikes went past in about 4 seconds but it was fanbloodytastic! And the good thing about public transport is you can have a few beers without having to argue about who's turn it is to drive. AND it was sunny! Woo!
So now the house is a tip and we have no food and no clean clothes. But we had a good weekend. So who cares.

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