Friday, 31 October 2014

trick or treat

So every year we go out trick or treating so that the kids can stock up on cheap chocolate and weird inedible jelly sweets.
But this means that there's no-one actually in our house to meet n greet the trick or treaters who come to us. So I normally leave a bucket of quality chocolate treats on the doorstep.
I like to think that 87 lovely children all pop by and take one each...but I suspect that really there's one greedy big kid who comes early doors and nicks the lot. Cos it's ALWAYS empty when we get back, and we're not out that long!
So I'm thinking maybe this year I won't bother. People will just think we're those miserable sorts who turn their lights off and hide behind the sofa on Halloween. Then we'll get home and scoff all the quality chocs ourselves.
Either that or I'll just get a butler for the night so he can answer the door...

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