Friday, 6 February 2015

that Friday feeling

In the olden days I used to go out with my mates on a Friday night. The other half used to go out with his mates. We'd meet up and come home together. All very lovely.
Then we had kid number 1. 
So we got a babysitter and carried on as normal.
Till we had kiddo number 2. And the babysitter had a kid of her own. She didn't feel the need to look after our kids any more. So I stayed in. 
And the other half carried on as normal.
I was proper pee'd off for a while but then I realised that staying in on a Friday night is actually ok. 
I'm in control of the tv remote. I have a few drinks. Nice food. I can do what I please. And I don't feel the need to work so much. It's my chill out night.
All very lovely. 
If anyone invites me out now I give them the NoBabysitter excuse. Who can be arsed going out on a Friday night?!

So imagine my utter dismay at the news that after half term the little one is ready to move up from Cubs to Scouts. 
That would be Scouts that is OnAFridayNight!! Till 9pm! 3 miles away! 
Noooo!! :(
Seriously! Friday night?! Whose idea was that?!
I'm hoping he hates it. 


  1. Oh my god!! Friday night are wine from 6!! I feel for you Mrs x