Tuesday, 31 March 2015

british weather

We've only been away at Easter once in living memory. It was a few years ago. We went to Majorca. It rained all week. Well, it rained in Majorca. It didn't rain at home. At home they had record-breaking temperatures with sunstroke and surfing and multiple photos in the paper of people packed like sardines on Bournemouth beach.
(I know this 'cos we're one of those families who like to buy an English newspaper everyday whilst on holiday. Just to keep up to date with current affairs you know. And photos of Bournemouth beach.)
Anyway we're not going anywhere this Easter. Which is why the weather forecast is for gale force winds, torrential downpours, unseasonably low temperatures and snow on high ground. 


  1. Oh so its YOUR fault..I shall be blaming you when we are trying to set up camp in this bl**dy rain tomorrow then, and we're all arguing and other fun camping stuff. . Thanks a bunch..Happy bloomin' Easter. ..not really Happy Easter sweetie !

    1. Happy camping you nut case! Hope you don't get blown away 😎 x