Friday, 29 May 2015

another busy week

This week I managed to squish in several meals out, a bank holiday day off, a couple of girly shopping trips with my sis and our big girls, mucho juggling of work for 3 PeopleWithUrgentDeadlines - AND a total clearout and empty-age of my studio WHICH HAS NOW BEEN KNOCKED DOWN!! 
Oh yes people! I have finally got round to it. The "garden room" that previous owners Betty and Geoff built [badly] in 1985 has been demolished! I'm having a new one built in it's place. ASAP. Unfortunately....and unsurprisingly... the foundations are crap so we basically have to start again. I am trying to maintain a dignified air of patience...
Meanwhile I'm bloody exhausted and glad it's the weekend! Bottoms up everyone x


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