Tuesday, 20 October 2015

baby shower

I'm not normally one for baby showers. I think this is mainly because in my day (15 and 11 years ago) they did not exist. Not in this country anyway. So clearly it's not fair is it! I'm a bit like BabyShowerWhatIsThePointOfThat?! Like an old person.
Anyway I went to a lovely one on Saturday. It was my sister's husband's sister's son's girlfriend's baby shower (keep up). She's so lovely. And she always looks so lovely. And it was at my sister's husband's sister's house which is totally lovely. So all in all it was.....lovely!
She's having a girl. She's called Lana. Already. She's got a name and everything and she's not even born yet. My eldest didn't have a name till she was 5 days old!
Anyway I told her the story of the other half's friends who thought they were having a girl and they bought all girl stuff and called it a girl name. And it turned out to be a boy. I said not to worry though, if that happened she could just change the name to Larry and I'd alter the picture I made her a bit....

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