Friday, 18 March 2016

easter break

I don't believe I've done any showing off about our upcoming Easter did that happen?
This Easter the big one is going on a school trip to Iceland ...and in an excellent piece of inter-school planning the little one is going skiing in Austria with his school at the same time! Which left me and the other half with no other option but to jet off to Spain for a few days of child free sun, sand and er...sightseeing ;)
Woohoo! Can't flipping wait!


  1. Err jealous much! that sounds amazing, and very well deserved I might add! have the most amazing time, il have to make do with my caravan in hastings :-D hope it doesn't rain! :-/ x

    1. ha ha ..I'll be in my caravan too Genine..with the kids, some people have all the luck !! Have a fab time Dawn..we're just a bit jealous xx

  2. Wow, how wonderful is that? Have a great adult time. Enjoy.

  3. have a great time Mrs xx you lucky thing !!

  4. Thanks everyone :) I'm very excited indeed!!