Friday, 13 January 2017

searching for sunlight

I googled what date it would be when my alarm stops going off in the dark. (6.45am.) (I know this is not super early to lots of people but it is to me.) The result was 20 March. This was bad enough news 'cos that's like ages off. But then I discovered that the clocks go forward a week later so my joy will be short lived and it's actually gonna be mid April before there's any chance of a glimmer of light when I get up.
I'm traumatised.
I've bought some vitamin D.
And I'm still googling holidays. 


  1. I think you have that syndrome,you need to be away in the sun in January! and you crack me up too!

  2. 😂 I really do need to be in the sun don't I! 5 more years of parental school responsibility then I'm outta here in January.......