Wednesday, 14 February 2018

lots of love ❤️

The other half bought a new mountain bike 3 weeks ago. It has lived in the dining room since then. He doesn't want to put it in the garage, with the other 6 million bikes he owns, until he has installed the MotherOfAllBikeLocks. And an alarm system. As this requires more time than he actually has available (and once complete he won't be able to sit and stare at it 24/7) the sodding bike is propped up against the dining table. And it is proper getting on my wick! He has already cleaned it 10 times more than the bathroom we had installed 18 months ago. He hasn't got time to clean the bathroom. Obvs.
And last night it was so cold that the hose pipe froze. He was unable to hose it down after his jaunt through the muddiest place in Yorkshire. So NOW the bloody thing is propped up against the dining table covered in mud
I kick it every time I walk past.
Happy Valentines Day bike. You are very much loved ❤️