Wednesday, 31 October 2018

a very relaxing halloween...

I have been made redundant from Halloween. My Trick or Treat-ing services are no longer required. The youngest is going with his mates. So for the first time in like forever I am available to answer the door and chuck sweets at other people's kids.
I've got the wine in. For myself. Not for the kids.
I've just fed Alf and his mates - half of whom turned out to be of the female variety. (Girls! Actual GIRLS hanging out at our house!) They are now all getting dressed-up ready to depart. They are VERY loud. And VERY ridiculous.
In addition to that I have already answered the door 11 times after being alerted by the dog who goes absolutely bloody mental as soon as anyone steps foot on our drive. I have to pick her up in one hand, to stop her running off and scaring small children, whilst opening the door and handing out sweets with the other. 
Happy Halloween indeed.
Pass me that wine!

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