Wednesday, 25 March 2020


Lockdown Day 2

The OtherHalf's gardening activities have continued.
By this I mean that he has spent most of the day in the garden pissing about with his bike whilst making the youngest cut the grass.

The Eldest stayed in bed literally all day and only surfaced at 4pm.

Meanwhile my neighbour texted to see if we have an electric pump she could borrow. I dragged myself out of the studio and into the garden to ask. 
This was the conversation:
Me: Neil, do we have an electric pump?
Neil: An electric pump?
Me: Yes, Cassie needs one. Have we got one?
Neil: [Looking confused] An electric pump??
Me: Yes. An electric pump.
Neil: [Still looking confused] An electric pump???
Me: [Getting intensely irritated] YES!!!
Neil: [Still confused and acting like I am speaking Spanish] An e-l-e-c-t-r-i-c-p-u-m-p? What's it for?
Me: [Ready to punch him] I have no idea! Whatever it's for, do we have a pump that is electric??????
Neil: No.

I'm not sure how we will survive this pandemic.

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