Thursday, 18 November 2010

girls night

There are 5 of us who've been friends like for ever and always do girls night on a Wednesday - nothing thrilling, usually one of us cooks then we sit around and moan all night and leave at bang on 10 o'clock!
Now we have 10 kids between us it keeps us sane!
I was sooo glad to get out of the house and go last night....the kids had built the train set ...which covered the entire floor of the living room. They were arguing over all the bits and proper screaming at each other....then Neil decided to bring his mountain bike in "to fix" (clearly the freezing cold garage was no good for this job!)
I made a quick exit and hot footed it to Joanne's for veg chilli, chocolate and moaning!
Felt much better!
Of course this morning the train set is still there and so is the bloody bike....but peace has been restored (they're all out!)


  1. Simply darling! I love all the polka dots and the design.

  2. Hooray for girly nights in. Nothing beats a glass of wine and a good old chat. My sitting room floor is covered in old Beanos, eldest off sick with tonsilitis.....hey ho! xx

  3. what would we do without our girls nights out! they're our touch stones to normality!