Monday, 8 November 2010

major disappointment

I was sooo looking forward to today....finally finished the womenswear that's been hanging around like a black cloud and I was gonna do LOADS of new spring summer work for my agent.....
Until the bloody wireless router decided to die on me....
2 trips to pc world, 2 different new routers, lots of swearing and roughly 5 hours on the phone stressfully trying to get it sorted and I'm back on line!
What a crap day!
And the weather has been awful!!!!
Oh well....all sorted now....spring summer tomorrow, bed now :-)


  1. Hope you have a better day...computers are just the coolest thing ever...until they go wrong !!

  2. Chin-up, try twix o'clock, works every time for me xx

  3. thanks ladies....much better day today :-) xx

  4. Totally understand what you felt. I always have problems setting things up when something broken.
    Hate the nervous moment.

    But all goes well now and have a merry day!

  5. Those butterflies are awesome! :)