Sunday, 26 December 2010

no sketchbook....

Had a fabbo Christmas!
Very busy right up to Santa's visit and yesterday was just lovely.
But now I find myself in an unusual situation ... the kids are in bed and I don't actually have to do any work!
I can just pick up all the toys and then sit in front of the telly like normal people if I want!!
...Which just made me remember that I signed up for the sketchbook project.......
I was dead giddy when I got my sketchbook, I had the theme "it's raining dogs and cats" and I had all these fab ideas about what I was gonna do. After all, sketchbooks are my absolute favourites, they're my thing!
Then I got really really busy with work and just didn't have the time - or the energy after midnight - to actually do it.
Well, it has to be posted in like 2 weeks and I've only done 2 pages....I'm just thinking it's not gonna there any point in me busting a gut now I actually have a week of sitting about that I could be doing???

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