Tuesday, 28 December 2010

YES sketchbook

I decided:
I've got to do it... I can do it... and I will do it!
2 weeks to fill the sketchbook?
No problem!
I'll just do it on the computer instead of by hand as planned.
Anyway the hand thing wasn't working out too well. After years of using a computer I have forgotten how to use a pen!
It was getting on my nerves that once you draw something with a pen on paper, that's it, done! And colouring in is such a chore!
So, here I am on my 4th double spread already....only about 28 to go....


  1. I love moggy !! Moggy is cuuuute !! Keep going....have fun....jayne x

  2. aw thanks mrs....do Americans understand the word moggy I wonder?

  3. I would love to draw on the computer, what programme do you use and is it really as hard as it looks - Im more a paper and pencil girl myself. Amanda....x

  4. I use illustrator Amanda...tricky at first but once mastered there's no going back! x