Friday, 3 June 2011

sunny sunny sunny

Yay the sun came out :-)
Today I ... worked al fresco, had the roof down to pick up the little people and... got the paddling pool out...
We buy a new paddling pool every year, we are not good at looking after paddling pools. We buy one, use it once... and then the sun doesn't shine any more so we just kinda leave it out all winter.
So today we set the hosepipe and hot soapy water on the paddling pool, it scrubbed up well.
We couldn't find the pump so I spent like 3 hours blowing it up. We filled it with very cold water....
AND... then it went down!
Anyone would think we'd left the poor thing out under the trampoline all year or something....
Luckily I anticipated this eventuality and bought another in the sales last of wine in the garden? Don't mind if I do :-)


  1. Hope they are loving the pool in this hot weather !! x

  2. post last !!

  3. glad im not the only one with the pool leaving out habit! wish i had thought of getting one last year for this! x