Sunday, 5 June 2011

tent time

Well the sun only shone for one day and the paddling pool is now sitting outside waiting for winter ....and inevitable doom!
We did however manage to put the tent up in the garden (well actually Neil put the tent up, I stayed in the warm house and only came out to help when absolutely necessary, I don't like cold...which doesn't bode well for camping in the Isle of Man really...
It's fab! It survived it's first downpour last night and was still standing this morning. Alf wanted to sleep out in it but we were too mean to let him.


  1. Oh brill...! What a laugh you're going to have......enjoy !! When are you going over to the Isle of Man the way.....cute drawing....x

  2. ha ha ha, I'm looking out at our paddling pool....
    it still has the water from the weekend, 5 footballs, 4 cups, a boat and the remnants of what used to be the sprinkler
    Happy days!