Wednesday, 15 February 2012

girly weekend's that time of year again...the annual girl's weekend away.
We go on Friday. To London. Again. 
We never do the same place twice in a row. Not ever. Till now. It was so good last year we felt the need to do it all again.
When we did Edinburgh it was so good that we've never been back. Just in case our expectations were too high and it turned out to be rubbish.
So I don't know how come we changed the rule for London. But we did. We went last year and we're going again... on Friday.....yay!


  1. London is million miles away from my I'm definitely a tad jealous. Have a fabulous time! x

  2. Have a great time and wrap up warmly :-)

  3. Woohoooo!! Have a flabby time!

  4. I mean fabby time (predictive iPad gggrrr)

    1. flabby might be more appropriate ha ha xx