Wednesday, 22 February 2012

no neon!

I'm doing some rather fabulous work this week with a touch of neon. Very now, very on trend.
But can I find any neon pink thread to add the finishing touches?
No I can NOT!
I have scoured all the shops round here. (Haberdashery shops are slightly thin on the ground actually but I've done a full search in both of them without result.)
I have searched the interweb. I found some in America but the postage charge was more than the cost of chartering a flight there and buying it myself.
At one point I saw just what I was looking for on Ebay... "fluorescent pink thread"
Yay! I ordered 2 so I'd have enough to last a lifetime. It arrived. It was pink. It was not fluorescent pink. I sent the woman a snotty email. She did not reply.
Sooo I have taken drastic action. I have bought a neon pink t/shirt and slowly unpicked the damned thing keeping the thread in one piece so I can sew with it.
Recycled neon thread. I am so green!


  1. If it's not too late you can try this wonderful shop (a bit of a trade secret), just off Oxford St in that London. If they haven't/can't get it then it doesn't exist
    Good luck chuck

  2. There's a shop which I go to all the time for fabric and haberdashery, They are usuually amazing or everything :)

  3. I am impressed V innovative thinking!! X

  4. thanks for the suggestions peeps....but alas no joy....I have found some on Ebay in the U.S but you know what? I think that by the time it arrives I'll be over my neon phase....haven't you heard? black is the new neon :-) x

  5. I had a look through my sewing box but don't have neon only have cerise.
    I found some on this site but its £4.50 for the thread then £3 carriage takes 3-5 days and you'll probably be done by then!!

  6. Oh my goodness, that is dedication! Good luck!