Monday, 12 November 2012

the lights are on but nobody's home

The problem with having a fab weekend involving various parks and dogs and kids and sisters and babies is that you get up on Monday morning to find the house is a tip, there's no food in the fridge and every item of clothing you own is on the ironing pile. But you don't have time to do anything about it cos you have a pile of really urgent work to do. Urgently. So you just pretend the mess isn't there, break into the tin of Quality Street you bought in an organised manner for Christmas and hope that if an unexpected visitor arrives they don't spot you hiding behind the curtains....


  1. The ting is Dawn you need to try these Christmas chocs just in case they are gone off. I have put my tin up in the loft with some pressies I have bought, but like you have to have one everytime i go up there , just in case they too have gone off...

  2. I did mean to put Thing not 'Ting'..please dont think I was trying to be down with the kids?!