Friday, 30 November 2012


The little one has got this hat. Like a trapper style with fur inside. He wears it ALL THE TIME. Like a comfort blanket. He has it on all year. I prized it off his head and hid it in August 'cos what sort of numpty walks round in a fur hat in August?  
It came back out in September and it's been stuck on his head ever since. (I even caught him wearing the damn thing in bed.)
But last night he left it at cubs!!! 
Oh the trauma! 
He's had to wear a second rate woolly number today. He's so not happy!
Lucky for him Grandad knows the big cheese at cubs and was able to retrieve it this morning.
Phew. Panic over!


  1. love your people designs :) i want one for keeps x

  2. ha ha...mine has the same! In december he transfers his love to a santa hat. He is really excited that it's the 1st tomorrow so he can start wearing it non-stop. I've bought him a spare one this year so I can actually wash it!

  3. Uh-oh, I can only imagine the trauma! Thank goodness for grandpas with connections :-) x