Saturday, 1 December 2012

advent calendar

Our advent calendars are spectacular. No really! Proper spectacular.
It's my mum's fault. One year she bought me and my sister this cardboard thing with little boxes that she filled with goodies for every day in advent. (This was when we were grown up you understand. Not when we were kids. When we were kids we got those normal advent calendars that didn't even have chocolate in. It was in the olden days. Chocolate in advent calendars hadn't been invented then)
After a couple of years me and my sister decided it was only right that we should do an advent calendar for my mum. We spent years running round like nutters at the end of November trying to get 24 tiny little gifts to squish into the boxes.
Fast forward a few years and the box thingies were getting knackered so my mum took it upon herself to do these amazing embroidered advent calendars with grabby clips on. Instead of something tidgy squished into a box we bought 24 a-bit-bigger things, wrapped them and grabbed them on.
Then we had 5 kids. Not all at once. But my mum felt the need to make each one their own spectacular advent calendar.
So now she spends the whole year buying lovely little gifts to go on 7 advent calendars and me and my sister run round like nutters at the end of November to buy 24 a-bit-bigger gifts to go on the grabbers of 1 advent calendar. 
Today I got a Lakeland spoon that gets boiled eggs out of boiling water without boiling your fingers. See! Spectacular!

Anyway that's not what I came to blog about. 
I decided, probably unwisely, to join in with Lizzie Mackay and post an advent pic every day.
I probably won't stick with it. Might get bored around the 5th or something. Make my excuses and go back to my normal drivel. But for now I'm gonna go with's DAY 1.
Go here to see Lizzie's day 1....much better than chocolate....

PS...Here's my spectacular advent calendar. Sorry, you can't see the embroidery, too many prezzies!


  1. Ha....I knew you wouldn't be able to resist!!! Can't believe your mum's calendar, I'm going to tell mine!

  2. Wow, that is some advent calendar!