Monday, 31 December 2012

goodbye 2012

My mum and dad ALWAYS have the kids on new years eve. Ever since we've had kids. TWELVE YEARS! But not this year. Oh no. They've buggered off to Florida and abandonned us. Self self self!
Anyway luckily for us the mother-in-law has stepped in. We'll be dropping them off at hers in a bit and making our way to the pub. And we won't be home till next year.
So I'd just like to say thanks for all your lovely comments this year...they always make me smile even though I'm a bit slack at replying. Hope you all have a good night and that your dreams come true in 2013 x


  1. Have one on me Dawn, and one for your hubby too! Happy new year, I know it's going to be good!!! xxx

  2. Have a wonderful new year. And although I feel that your parents took off to Florida, Ia m happy for them. The weather has been beautiful!

  3. Hope you had fun, lucky you guys.....

  4. Hope you had a good night....wishing you a 2013 packed full of exciting stuff...and chocolate...oh and shopping ! Keep me smiling with your blog hun xx