Sunday, 9 December 2012

advent 9

Well the tree is up. Too early for my liking but I couldn't stand the nagging any longer. Everyone else has got theirs's not fair...rah rah.
What is it with people these days? Mid December used to be normal for tree trimming. This year I saw loads in flipping November!
Anyway. It's up. Looks fabulous. Merry Christmas!


  1. LOVING your advent pics. Where do you find the time, you are amazing? My kids nagged me for the tree to go up this weekend but I managed to put it off till next weekend. Have a good one. x

    1. Ha I DON'T have the time....I do it when I should be doing something really important-but-dull... It'll all catch up with me one day soon :-) x

  2. I'm also delaying the festive spirit by not putting tree up til next weekend. Lovely illies as always-loving the simplicity and colours :0)