Monday, 17 December 2012

advent 17

So Christmas has started at the little one's school. There's a postbox and everything. But after years of standing over him making sure he writes a card to everyone in his class, and tears cos he really can't be bothered writing at all, this year I decided to just leave him to it. Like it doesn't REALLY matter if he misses someone out does it? Who notices?
So he wrote his cards at the weekend...all 7 of them. Couldn't be bothered with any more than that. His arm was aching. 
He posted them today. And came home with one. From himself
I think he's missing the point somewhere....


  1. ha ha that's great! I like his style:)

  2. yup thats funny, gave up trying to get my boys to write cars long ago what is the point!

  3. ha ha...I laughed out loud to this! I haven't over seen mine either, too busy doing my advent. I remember sending someone a card at school once with absolutely nothing written in it! Felt a bit embarrassed and offered to fill it in! xx