Sunday, 27 January 2013

snow mountain

He was at it again yesterday. 7.30 am on the dot AlbertFromNextDoor was out shovelling snow from his drive. Loudly. And joined this time by DavidFromNextDoorButOne. With no regard whatsoever to the fact that it was Saturday and just about the only day I get a lie-in. They were very lucky that I didn't leap out of bed and wrap their noisy shovels round their necks. What is wrong with them?! 
Actually I have a theory. They are both retired. They probably see all the snow and rejoice at suddenly having a purpose in life. A bit of something to do. Make themselves useful. Get them out from under the feet of Joyce and Mary.... Well I wish they'd wait till a normal sort of time to get jiggy with the shovel. Some people are trying to sleep!
Luckily the freak weather conditions meant that the 30cm of snow that was hanging about suddenly melted.
Apart from Albert's snow mountain. That will still be hanging around in March! 


  1. haha! Why they bother when they are told on the weather forecast that's it all going to wash away the same day! x

  2. Do you reckon Albert reads your blog in his spare time when he's not shovelling??

  3. Nope....I don't think he's got a computer....I hope....