Sunday, 13 January 2013


The big one went to a sleepover last night. It was not a sleepover like she used to go on in the days before high school. The sort where I knew the mum and we arranged it between us. It was a sleepover organised by one of her mates. Her new mate. A mate who I don't know. Whose parents I don't know.
But everyone was going. It was the girl's birthday. The big one had to go. Or she'd be left out of the sleepover chit chat at school for ever.
So I said she could.
There was no sign of the mother when I dropped her off and she wouldn't let me go find her. So I left my little 12 year old standing on the street in the freezing cold with no coat on, hanging out with 4 girls I've never met....and panicked the whole way home.
I got hold of the mother's phone number and texted to make sure she was ok with 7 girls sleeping over. She said it was fine and she was coping well "with the help of Mr Merlot" 
Excellent, I felt so much better knowing my little princess was in the care of a mad, drunk woman!
I picked her up this morning. She was fine. Hadn't slept you wouldn't if you were sleeping on the floor with 1 quilt between 3 people. The mother was still in bed. The girl whose house it was was still asleep. The big one was still in her pj's and had had no breakfast. Great sleepover.

Call me old fashioned but I prefer the sleepovers she used to go on...


  1. sorry to say that it goes on like this....mine now get cross when i ask for the address of where they are going!!!!!!!

  2. oh this what i've got to come?!! you can give me tips!!! :-)) x

  3. Urgh, how awful. I fear I'm going to come to blows with my girl (who's currently 3) over this kind of thing in the future... When I was a child my mum would NEVER let me stay over at anyones. I mean until I was about 15 and then I didn't really want to.
    anyway. Not even at one of my best friends who lived in our street! She'd say I could stay there till late but then I'd have to come home to sleep in my bed. Now I can't say I blame her for that attitude.