Thursday, 21 February 2013

we're off to Wembley

The excitement is reaching fever pitch in our house. The other half has supported Bradford City since he was a kid. The second match he went to was the Bradford fire and he's been going ever since. And this weekend they play in the Capital One Cup Final at Wembley!
For those who have no interest in football this basically means that a team in the lowest division of English football have somehow managed to beat the footballing giants of the Premier League and have bagged a place in the final.
What it means for me is....a weekend in London...yay!
The little man is particularly excited 'cos he's been force-fed BCFC by his father and is now their number one fan. He's also never been to London before. The amount of sightseeing he wants to do in the short time we have available is clearly not going to be possible.
The amount of shopping I want to do is even less possible...
But we will try our best.


  1. Brilliant! I have some friends going too. Have a wonderful time and bring us back something nice! Oh and a win for Bradford City would be good too! x

  2. I will be on the other side ;) have fun !

  3. Wave your bradford scarf in the air!! love the pic....did you do all that just for this must be excited!!! x

    1. Nope...I did the pic to avoid cleaning the house! Worked a treat :-)

  4. Have fun, enjoy your shopping!