Sunday, 19 July 2015

moving on up

I wasn't the only one with a busy week. The little one had a zillion school things going on this week. He had a PJ and chill day (teachers' skive day), a bowling trip, an oscars award night & prom and a leavers church service. Followed by a weekend at scout camp.
Poor little bugger is knackered, he fell asleep in the car today!

The school has been really fab with all the leavers things. They've done some ace stuff that the kids will always remember. My fave bit was after the prom. They all came into the playground with a helium balloon that they'd attached a message to and after a big countdown they let them all go. I sneaked a peak at the message he'd written. It said "I am really upset to be leaving primary school" Aw :( Many tears were shed!
He doesn't actually leave till Tuesday so plenty of time for more crying I reckon.

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