Friday, 3 July 2015


The other half and the little one are going on a jaunt to London tomorrow. For the weekend. To Minecon. Don't ask. It's a Minecraft convention. The other half is thrilled!
I'll be picking them up from the train station on Sunday night then dropping the big one at school. She's going to French France. Till Thursday.

Me? I'll be staying at home. Thanks for asking.


  1. My three and 10 thousand others went today, apparently they had to queue up for an hour just to buy a t shirt!! Sounds like fun to me!! me I had the school fete in boiling hot sunshine!!

  2. Oh Tracey I've had a lovely relaxing weekend! So glad I didn't agree to go with them. Can't believe you got left with a school fate!!

  3. I know, sods law didnt realise when I signed up that it was the same weekend!! :)