Thursday, 5 November 2015

bonfire night

The other half wants to go to a bonfire tonight. 

An hour ago this idea just wasn't doing it for me. It's chucking it down. And cold. The little one's friend was coming home from school with him for the evening so he would have to come too. In his school uniform. Which doesn't go well with mud and rain. And the other half isn't finishing work till late so we'd have to meet him there. And there'll be nowhere to park 'cos there never is.

But then the little one and his friend arrived home and within 20 minutes the house was trashed and every single item from Alf's bedroom was in the hallway. And they were making a movie which involved the friend throwing himself down the stairs. 

So now I'm thinking a bonfire is a marvellous idea....the sooner the better!

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