Saturday, 28 November 2015

learning to draw again

So my Mac is like 6 years old and starting to show signs of strain. A lot of strain. Like deciding to crash all the time. And taking forever to think about something when you just need it to get-a-bloody-move-on.
So I thought that rather than waiting for it to drop dead one day, leaving me up shit creek, I would just bite the bullet and buy a new one.
So I did.
Only I've had the new one nearly 2 weeks now and I'm still mainly using the old one.
It just seems easier.
I've managed to get my printer working...and my tablet...And I even moved some files onto it tonight. 
But I've had to leap into 2015 and sign up to the creative cloud. And I'm really busy. And it looks a bit complicated to me. And not. what. I'm. used. to. It's all black for a kick off. And it's just not quite the same. I was only on CS4 in the dark ages. And I've not really been in the mood for embracing change...

Anyway. I do realise that I need to get jiggy with it and JUST GET ON WITH IT.
So here I am.
And here's my first piccy that I drew and coloured in on my new computer.
Clearly there'll be no stopping me now.


  1. How funny I did exactly the same last month (my computer was 8 years old and I was working on CS2 lol) and the Creative Cloud thing has done my head in too but the up to date illustrator is FAB , honest - love the illo xxx

    1. Ha ha! I'd been putting off CC for ages...and my old computer props would not have been able to cope with the change...but I have to say I'm loving it already now :) x

  2. Oh Dawn x I need to do the exact same thing....and keep putting it off !! I just know its going to be a nightmare ! lol x Love the monkey xx

  3. I need to do that too, I'm really not good with change :,( I think I was the last designer still scanning in and cleaning up on photoshop took me ages to get used to illustrator but obviously couldn't live without it now.
    maybe after christmas :)

  4. ....ah and I thought I was the only one left off the cloud! :)