Monday, 18 April 2016

maths homework

The little one's friend texted last night to 'remind' the little one that his maths homework has to be handed in on Tuesday. I asked the little one what the homework was. The little one didn't have a bloody clue. After further investigation it turned out that they had been given a maths booklet in January and they were meant to complete one section a week. The first TWELVE sections should now be filled in and ready for checking this week.
The little one continued to look blank. As blank, it turns out, as the sodding maths book.
He hadn't even started the flipping thing. He's just been carrying it round in his school bag all year! 
He said, "Well nobody told me!" Yeah, top excuse kid! 

So we have just had 2 nightmare nights doing 3 months worth of maths homework. I'm exhausted.
And I know the panda has nothing to do with the homework disaster. I was just doodling to relax ok.

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  1. Aaah....the old 'nobody told me' routine..... its a boy thing !! xxx