Friday, 13 May 2016

surtex envy

Aw... seeing all the posts of people on their way to Surtex is making us Dotty Wrens well jel. We LOVED it when we went. We had the best time ever. We almost considered showing at Blueprint this year. But we just couldn't fit it in. We're all dead busy. And there's not really much point in showing if you've already got too much work on is there? 
Only sometimes I think it would be fab just to do nice work that you really enjoy doing then bog off to New York to sell it. 
I'm not moaning. Really. I do love being busy. And I love most of the jobs that come my way.
But you can't beat just pleasing yourself and working on stuff you want to work on can you? With no-one telling you what to do. And what not to do.
It's hard to say no to the hard cash though isn't it....
Who knows..maybe next year we'll be back eating nachos and drinking mojitos in NYC.... 

Meanwhile to everyone else heading to New York ... have a fab show x 

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