Thursday, 30 June 2016

dental traumas

The big one has been undergoing orthodontic treatment for nearly 3 years. They had to wait for her teeth to grow before proceeding and now they've grown there's not enough room in her mouth.
She has a small mouth.
It doesn't stop her from talking. Or eating. But it makes her teeth wonky. 
She had to have 4 of them removed before her braces could be fitted. She had the first 2 taken out by our dentist last week and went for the other 2 removing last night. She was in there LikeForEver before a stressed looking hygienist came to fetch me. The dentist couldn't get one of the teeth out. It was stuck. But she had managed to rough it up a bit and chip loads of it off. She put a temporary filling on it and the big one had to go back this morning for someone else to take it out. 
It's all been a bit stressful! I didn't have dental traumas scheduled into my diary today. I was meant to be drawing dinosaurs!

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