Thursday, 9 June 2016

Stone Roses warm up gig

We had a fab night on Tuesday. We went to the Stone Roses warm up gig at the Victoria Theatre in Halifax. It was bloody fantastic. Only 1500 people. And we were right at the front. Getting squashed. And pushed. And trampled on. Till halfway through when we moved to the side with the other old people. For our own safety.
We didn't stop smiling all the next day. Paying for it now of course. I have bruises on my feet and I'm bloody knackered. That's what you get for living it large on a school night I suppose.


  1. Eeek i'm going to see them on Wednesday in Manchester, slightly scared over the thought of the etihad being full and being trampled on haha but can't wait!

    Jodie, A Textile Perspective :)