Sunday, 9 July 2017


We went to Manchester Art Gallery today. 
I'd like to say I visit art galleries all the time. Being an arty sort and all that.
But the truth is I hardly ever step foot in anywhere remotely arty. We sometimes do the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. But as soon as the kids noticed it wasn't "a real park....where are the swings?" it became a bit of a chore to drag them there. The other half is as much into art as he is into doing the ironing. So our artistic weekend adventures tend to be contained in a visit to Salts Mill where I look at the art supplies and the David Hockneys, the eldest looks at the books, the other half goes to the bike shop and the youngest moans his head off for an hour.
But there's a Joy Division thing on at Manchester Art Gallery at the mo and the other half is into that stuff so today we went to see some art.
We mosied round the other bits after checking out the Joy Division. Portrait galleries and everything. Awesome.

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