Friday, 22 December 2017

all present and correct

So the people who start buying Christmas presents in they actually stop buying them in October as well? Or do they just keep on buying more and more until finally it is Christmas Day and therefore they are done? 
Cos I bought a couple of presents for the kids at the beginning of December. In an organised manner. Then I bought more. Then I forgot about them and bought more. And when I had bought them enough I saw something one of them would like. So I bought that. But then one of them had more than the other so I had to buy something else. Then one of them mentioned something they wanted. So I had to round up the score again.
And now I've bought them a zillion presents... and I'm not even keen on the ones I bought at the beginning anymore. So I'm really glad I'm not one of those saddos that starts in October. We just don't have room for all those presents.

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