Thursday, 7 December 2017

did someone mention christmas?

I ignore the PeopleWithNoLife who start obsessing about Christmas in September every year. 
I have trained my brain to zone out when the PeopleWithNothingBetterToDo bore everyone on social media with their super organised xmas schedule and the fact they have already completed all their shopping, wrapped it and hidden it in the loft. By the 14th of October. 
I smugly tell myself that these people must live such a dull existence, and their autumns must be so boring, that they have to start Christmas early to bring some excitement into their lives.
Then every year, usually around the second week in December, it suddenly dawns on me that I seriously need to get my shit together cos I have so much to bloody do and CHRISTMAS IS TWO WEEKS AWAY!
That time is now 😬😬😬

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