Sunday, 28 January 2018

inside the queen's handbag

I signed up for MATS Bootcamp this year. One project a month for 5 months. Easy peasy. It's good to do stuff you wouldn't normally do and all that. Step out of your comfort zone. Do something new...
Anyway... I nearly didn't bother with month one. 
I've been so busy this month and the brief was to illustrate a kids book showing what you think would be in the handbag of a certain famous woman. My woman was JK Rowling. I can't say I was inspired. I'm not a JK fan. I've never read any of the Harry Potter books. I watched 10 minutes of a film once but it got on my nerves. I know I know. But it's just not my thing.
But then I thought I should pull my finger out and make a bit of an effort. So I changed the brief. Like I'm doing it for fun aren't I, not for a client. It's not like a publisher is gonna be pissed off with me for ditching JK in favour of someone else is it? There's no real book here waiting for it's cover to be created. 
So I sub'd JK for .... The Queen. Cos who doesn't want to know what's in her majesty's Launer handbag?