Friday, 12 January 2018

post holiday blues

Caribbean cruise? What Caribbean cruise? We've been home since Monday lunchtime and it feels like we never went away. Getting out of bed in the dark in January is never our favourite endeavour. Getting out of bed in the dark in January with a severe lack of sleep, jet lag and the post holiday blues is just rubbish. Having to drag the kids out of bed every morning as well as myself has only added to my living nightmare.
The first day back on Tuesday was the worst. The youngest had a MajorMeltdownOnTheMoor on the way to school. His phone hadn't charged overnight, we were running very late and he wanted to use my phone to "do his snapchat streaks". Like doing snappychat streaks (I call it that in an old people sorta way just to wind him up) was the only thing we had to worry about as we sprinted across the moor, 10 minutes behind schedule having missed out on about 2 days worth of sleep and with a bazillion urgent jobs to complete by lunchtime. The eldest had already had a TotalTeenageTantrum cos her GHD's appear to have been affected by the ship's crappy US voltage plug sockets and wouldn't switch on anymore. And the other half was the grumpiest man on planet Earth after heading straight to work 2 hours after landing in Manchester airport on Monday.
I was glad to see the back of them all for the day!
Anyway. The rest of the week hasn't seen much of an improvement.
There has only been one happy family member in our house this week. The dog.
Thank the lord it's Friday!

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